Hooked on Approval – A Sneak Peek into the Latest Archetypal Fashion Collection’

‘Hooked on Approval – A Sneak Peek into the Latest Archetypal Fashion Collection’  is just a snippet from my 3rd book, ‘A Matter of Purpose – Vision, Creativity and Intuition.’ My 2nd book is out now: A Question of Balance – Colour, Energy and Healing with Chakras. Will keep you posted. You can get my 1st book, ‘A Dialogue with the Soul – Using Personality Archetypes to Access Inner Wisdom’ in e-book format by contacting me here.

Hooked on Approval – A Sneak Peak into the Archetypal Fashion Collection.

It’s too easy to get hooked on needing approval from others. The need for approval has many disguises. Like a trickster on a supermodel’s runway, this archetypal fashionista has a wardrobe overflowing with outfits designed to outwit the best, and some of them never, ever seem to date. Each one is magnificent in their own way, but there’s always the temptation to overuse a great looking outfit, and often to the detriment of the wearer. There’s the Rescuer with its ability to be helpful, but to the point of feeling thoroughly used up and wrung out to dry on a rainy day. The Servant is a reliable old favourite, with its capacity to help everyone. So reliable in fact, that the wearer forgets to take it off, reducing the garment to unwearable, threadbare rags. The Martyr is a truly classic style. Designer quality, it’s peaking this season. It’s a ‘must’ to wear if you want to be admired near and far. Its impact is unbeatable. You can really get those heart strings plucking with this one, and you can certainly count on the Healer, too to add to this colourful mix. This is another outfit that never goes out of style, as it offers healing to others to the point of sheer exhaustion. Note the excessive wear and tear in the life of the fabric. Unfortunately, the genuine Healer’s appeal is in danger of thinning out as the Charlatans, with their magic wands and instant spray on fixes, try to steal the hard-earned Healer’s limelight.

The Knight, never one to let a Damsel in distressed denim down, but really, the life in this cloth has been ironed flat out like a door mat. True, it’s seen better days, but there’s still enough energy and texture in this warm, rich cloth to resurrect the outfit and restore it to a more contemporary version of its former glory.

Finally, the last archetype to feature on the catwalk today is the Princess. Always charming and immaculate to behold, her outfit makes everyone in the court feel very special. Hers is a perfect ensemble that spoils everyone, including the wearer, especially when humility is lacking. The Princess appeals to those with a need to cover an over inflated sense of specialness and entitlement.

There are many outfits designed to gain approval. When we understand our personal strengths and weaknesses contained within the roles that we play, and how well we wear our choice of archetypal outfits, we will increase our sense of self-worth. Then real and lasting self-acceptance is possible. The Rescuer, Servant, Martyr, Healer, Knight, Damsel and Princess are just a few in the Archetypal Collection. When we’re not worried about the opinions of others, this frame of mind opens us up to a whole new path of inspiration and creativity that we may not have experienced before.

Is there a last minute tip from the designer? This season’s fashion faux pas can be easily avoided. Each outfit works best without the ‘Rose Coloured’ brand of glasses. Honest self-acceptance rather than approval from others is the designer’s prediction for next season. As with all archetypes, please feel free to try on any outfit, but remember to take it off before you go home, back into the heart of your true self.

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