Learn Something New

Learning something new about yourself every day, however small or insignificant that may be, ensures that you evolve personally and spiritually. The fittest and strongest aspects of your character survive and thrive, while the weaknesses are destined for extinction. However, like housework, your inner, soul work will never end. As you become stronger, your less strong aspects become your weaknesses. This is why there seems to be a never ending amount of inner work to be done. When a weakness dies, there will always be another to take its place. This can be discouraging at times, but if you avoid this inner work for too long, you become bored with life, get stuck in a rut, or unable to move on. The rut is a comfort zone that becomes a hard habit to break. The longer you stay there, the harder it is to get out and then to cope when the inevitable change occurs. It’s easier to stay rooted in a familiar mindset and the patterns of behaviour that keep you there, even if that way of thinking and behaving is not entirely pleasant. Change is called for, but fear of change can be a problem. At best, the impact of change can be mildly disruptive, and at its worst, change creates chaos. Humans fear chaos because it cannot be controlled, but it can be managed. Change involves loss, and a subsequent grieving of that loss, but the benefits will be worth your efforts. Understanding the ten stages of healing outlined in “A Question of Balance – Colour, Energy and Healing with Chakras” can help you to manage change and cope with chaos in your life.

If it is not taken out on others, frustration, and even anger is a good sign if you are stuck. It means your energy is building up. You are getting ready to move again. You can use the energy created by your frustration or anger and redirect it into getting out of your rut. If you are feeling stuck, the remedy is to learn something new every day, and to keep learning, even when you experience a shift. Explore your motivations and intentions. Why do you do what you do? What is it that motivates you? Is it a positive or negative influence that fuels your intention and behaviour? Question yourself and your actions. Your reactions to other people’s complaints and excuses, along with their compassion and kindness will inform you about yourself. The very behaviour that you may accuse others of in one area of life, is likely to be the same behaviour you are guilty of, but in a different area. The annoying behaviour will continue to serve as a reminder for you until you locate the hypocrisy.

What animates you in the exterior world is a reflection of your unknown internal thoughts and feelings. What did you learn to think, be or do today? What did you learn not to think, be or do? It is humanly impossible to avoid the negative aspects of life, but you cannot escape the positive either.

Numerous schools of thought suggest that for every negative in life, you should look for a positive. This means that every difficulty contains a blessing, at least somewhere, and it’s in your best interests to look for it. Conversely, you would need to be open to the idea that for every positive there will always be a negative. For every upside, there is always a downside. For every down side, there is an upside. If it isn’t this way then, life would be lopsided. You would be positive and other people, places or things would be negative. To be all negative means you disown and then project the positive into your experiences in the exterior world. To be all positive means you disown and project the negative into what you experience in the exterior world. Shame, humiliation and guilt erode your ability to perceive fresh possibilities and opportunities. Dignity and honour can be restored when you identify the strengths that you were pushed to develop as a result of feeling ashamed, humiliated or guilty. Every experience is a teacher. What did you or the others learn? How did everyone benefit? If you dig deep enough, you will find the gift in each one.
Life tips out of balance but will realign itself once you realise that you are full of positive and negative possibilities. Humans are a part of nature. No-one can escape nature and its ongoing cycle of life-death-life-death-life.

As you get to know yourself more intimately, you also sharpen your ability to be a good judge of character. Illusions, superficialities, pretentiousness, liars, frauds, imposters and your own hidden agendas are exposed more readily. This is how you make progress. Your character will grow and evolve emotionally, mentally and spiritually. As you take charge of your life, instead of being left to the winds of fate, you steer yourself with confidence towards your destiny.

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As an author, trainer and mentor, my purpose is to inspire vision, creativity and productivity in the business of life and the life of your business.
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