A One Way Ticket to Soul Success

Gail Goodwin

There are two types of success. There’s external success and internal success. External success is overt and often extrovert. This type of success is high. “To reach the heights of success” is an accurate description of extroverted success.  But very little is said about internal success. This is because it is invisible. Internal success is introverted. Introverted success runs deep.  Introverted success is meant to remain underground. If it goes above ground, immediately it becomes extroverted. Then you would have to say it’s an open secret.

Extrovert success is the type of the success you experience in the world of business, money, fame and fortune, and lifestyle. It is bright, loud, flamboyant and obvious. This type of success is visible to your five senses.  Your sixth sense may be aware of it when your five senses miss it. Your intuition and your gut instincts can detect extrovert success in…

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About gailgoodwin

As an author, trainer and mentor, my purpose is to inspire vision, creativity and productivity in the business of life and the life of your business.
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