A Dialogue with the Soul

Gail Goodwin

Not everyone is fortunate enough to live a long, healthy and happy life. It’s possible to reach your age of wisdom if you always take good care of your body, soul and spirit, AND you’ve got tough genes to support you.

Your soul speaks to you through your intuition. If you continue to miss the messages from your soul, or decide to ignore them, then your soul will orchestrate the necessary scenarios, where you will find yourself in the right time and place for you to hear what it has to say. It matters not to your soul that you like the scenario or not. It matters even less that you like the messages or not. The point is, you MUST heed the messages. It’s up to you how and when and why and where this happens.

For some, it is too late.

Why would you do this the hard…

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About gailgoodwin

As an author, trainer and mentor, my purpose is to inspire vision, creativity and productivity in the business of life and the life of your business.
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3 Responses to A Dialogue with the Soul

  1. Mishayah says:

    Hi Gail
    As usual another great message, and personally I thank you for all that you have done and will do. I don’t know if you will enjoy this or not but I have a vid at this link that you may find interesting and actually right along the lines of what you are saying.


  2. Mishayah says:

    Hi Again Gail
    I’ve been having some problems with the links, so the title I was thinking of for you is called
    ‘The Fountains of the Great Deep.’ So that you will know the message I am bringing.
    Take care and again thanks for all that you have done. These are things that happened about 26 years ago, but are still remarkably vivid even to this day.

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