What is My Purpose?

Until I defined my values, I did not know my life’s purpose. I thought I knew my purpose, but I learned that life’s purpose is not a job. Life’s purpose is to be, not to do.

Choose your values. Choose your purpose. Manifest your life purpose.

Life’s purpose is not a job. Life’s purpose is to be, not to do.

I watched as life’s purpose chose others but not me. I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me. Life’s purpose had not yet chosen me. Why not? Was I not good enough? Was I too young? Not smart enough? Was my ego too big or too small? By the time I reached mid-forties, I realised that I could choose my life’s purpose. I could decide what it would be. I claimed my life purpose because it had not claimed me.

I relied on my values to help me do it. What I valued most became my life purpose. I valued honesty, so I decided that is my purpose. I would be honest. I valued honour, so I decided that honour is my purpose. I would be honourable. I valued creativity, so I made creativity my purpose. I would be creative.

Where before I thought I had no purpose, now I had so many I started to feel overwhelmed. I felt compelled to demonstrate my values but I was immobilised by them until I began to apply one value at a time to each situation in my life. Situations such as family, relationships, health, work, financial, social and cultural became the ground on which I built my purpose.

There was a sense of freedom that overcame me when I realised that my life’s purpose was my choice. I had chosen my values and I was free to choose my purpose. By applying my values, I was fulfilling my purpose. I manifested my purpose.

About gailgoodwin

As an author, trainer and mentor, my purpose is to inspire vision, creativity and productivity in the business of life and the life of your business.
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