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What is My Purpose?

Until I defined my values, I did not know my life’s purpose. I thought I knew my purpose, but I learned that life’s purpose is not a job. Life’s purpose is to be, not to do. I watched as life’s … Continue reading

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Signs of Hope #10

When I was serving my ego I was not serving my soul. It was easier to please my soul.

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You Don’t Have to Fake It

A healthy ego needs self-assurance. Even those with spiritual aspirations to be of service need a certain amount of self-assurance. A healthy ego is not excessive or deficient, but sufficiently self-assured so that you thrive in your world.  If you’re … Continue reading

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The Judge, Your Ego and Your Fear of Failure is a Recipe for Success

Fear of failure is a popular fear. It’s often used as an excuse to avoid taking responsibility for healthy personal progress. Fear of failure helps many stay where they are, despite the stress or unhappiness it creates for them and … Continue reading

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Intuition is Music to Your Soul

Many people believe they are not intuitive, but if the definition of intuition was clarified, and the levels of intuition were outlined, then many would change their beliefs about possessing this important human function. There are three levels of intuition. … Continue reading

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Love All, Serve All, Heal All

There are some who say that enlightenment is pure navel gazing self-absorption, and fulfilling your destiny is a selfish indulgence. Your destiny is not something extraordinary that you are supposed to do in the external world. It is not something … Continue reading

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Your Archetypes Indicate Your Soul Challenges AND Their Solutions

During his lifetime, Carl Jung, often called the father of modern psychology, put forward his theory about archetypes. He described them as universal patterns of behaviour that reside in the realm of the human collective unconscious. Jung proposed that people … Continue reading

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