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A Self-Inflicted Wound

Resentment is a self-inflicted wound. Until you restore your peace of mind, your life will continue to be governed by resentment. Resentment is one of many forms of terminal unhappiness. Denying your feelings is bad for your health. It fuels … Continue reading

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The Paradox of Healing

When you are ill, it is too easy to berate yourself for not healing. Healing is a process and a part of that process may involve forgiveness. Forgiveness is hard. If you are having trouble with forgiveness, you can’t afford … Continue reading

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Believer or Not – Take 2

Spiritual masters old and new promote forgiveness as a tool for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.  A lack of forgiveness wears out your spirit. It drains your emotions and weighs on your mind. Over time, this ongoing stress affects … Continue reading

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Believer or Not

Sages, mystics and mental health experts have suggested that forgiveness is good for you. A lack of forgiveness creates a psychological burden that wears down your emotional and mental health. Eventually, this type of ongoing stress can have adverse effects … Continue reading

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A Remedy for Change

Current and future behaviour is often based on our past experiences. If we don’t want a repeat of the past, and we want to change the future, it can be done right now, in the present. When too much emotional … Continue reading

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Are You Ready for Grace?

Everything happens for a reason. It may be a good reason or a bad reason. You may like the reason or not like it at all. You might understand why things happen or never understand why, and so it remains … Continue reading

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Ten Stages of Healing

Change can often be a daunting process that leaves you feeling out of control. When you are in control, you tend to feel secure and comfortable. Change can destabilise your emotions, triggering feelings of insecurity and a greater loss of … Continue reading

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