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Your Brilliant Career Has Gone Bung and What To Do About It

Your brilliant career has gone bung. Or it’s on the way out. So what’s next? It’s time to rework it.   There are 6 questions you should ask: What am I made of? What is driving me? What can I … Continue reading

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What is the scope of my life purpose?

Your life purpose is not meant to pay your bills. Earning a living will do that for you. In an ideal world, your life purpose might do both, and occasionally this is the case for some people, but this earth … Continue reading

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The Value of Archetypes and Career Development

Feeling boxed in? Need to reinvent yourself? In this challenging economy many people are quickly moving to reinvent themselves. The self-knowledge gained from knowing their personality type, along side their career archetypes, gives them a clear advantage. Wouldn’t it be great to have … Continue reading

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Happy Ever After

Once upon a time, you found the Promised Land, and then you lived happily ever after. This is a story of hope and aspiration that is universal in nature, but a lifelong subscription to an out dated version of the … Continue reading

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