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Your Personal Empowerment Theory and Why You May Need to Realise It

Everyone has a personal theory about life. Although many don’t know what it is. They’re not aware of their personal empowerment theory and how it actually sabotages them. Or how it creates success. Many clients come to me anxious, overwhelmed … Continue reading

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You need coaxing to dive into your potential. Okay, here’s some not-so-tough love.

If you’re afraid to dive into your potential right now, developing a taste for it might help you to feel more at ease about it. All you need to do is wake up prepared to be amazed every day. Sounds … Continue reading

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It’s Easier To Be True To My Goals When The Plan Has Soul

Maintaining my enthusiasm and a healthy self-belief are major challenges when it comes to realising my dreams. Staying motivated and believing in myself is vital to success. When something is deeply important to me, this makes it easier for me … Continue reading

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Loving You Isn’t Hard to Do

Loving you may be hard to do. You might feel like a bit of a fraud. If this is the case, then try this 14 day program and let me know how you go: Day 1  Focus on thinking like … Continue reading

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Step Into Your Power

A healthy self-esteem means you know your own worth. It means you have accepted your right to be, to do and to have what is important to you. Self-esteem can be instilled in you when you’re young, but if you … Continue reading

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The Power of Archetypes is a Secret Worth Sharing

I never seem to tire of working with archetypes. I started using them as tools for my personal growth and spiritual development in 1996 and I still use them today. I spent 8 years as a student of Caroline Myss, … Continue reading

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Mirror, Mirror on My Wall

Personal consciousness is constantly evolving. Personal growth never stops if you are a healthy human being. Just when I think I have dug deep enough into my heart and mind, there is always more finding its way to the surface … Continue reading

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