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Relaxation Bombs Explode Fears That Block Creativity

Fear of change is a barrier that can block creativity. One way to cure fear of change is to develop and maintain a relationship with now. A relationship with now is one of the most important relationships possible. A relationship … Continue reading

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Loving You Isn’t Hard to Do

Loving you may be hard to do. You might feel like a bit of a fraud. If this is the case, then try this 14 day program and let me know how you go: Day 1  Focus on thinking like … Continue reading

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How to Find Meaning and Purpose in Your Life

Everyone needs a purpose. It adds meaning to life, so most people want to know the nature of their life purpose. How many people do you know who can state their life purpose clearly and succinctly, given that finding your … Continue reading

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One More Reason Why We Don’t Fulfill Our Life Purpose

Over-care for those I love may mean under care for me. When I take responsibility for my self-care before I offer adequate care to others, this action benefits many areas of my life and those important to me. It means I am … Continue reading

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