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Don’t Stop Taking Things Personally

I used to think it was good spiritual practice to stop taking things personally, to be detached, surrender, let go and all that, but I have recently changed my mind. Especially after I read a number of articles that suggested … Continue reading

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The Power of Hope Can Hold You Back or Move You Forward

Hope is not always good for you. Hope can be bad for you if it keeps you terminally trapped in the impossible task of undoing the past. Failed attempts to alter the past create misery and despair. The past has … Continue reading

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An Experiment with The Fountain of Youth Archetype

When I make a point of learning something new about myself every day, however small or insignificant that may be, it reassures me.  I know that I am evolving personally and spiritually. The fittest and strongest aspects of my character … Continue reading

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Stages of Spiritual Development

The process of spiritual development appears to move through a number of stages. There are times when you may find yourself in a state of being: Dependent Co-dependent Independent Interdependent Dependence encompasses physical dependence, emotional dependence, mental dependence and spiritual … Continue reading

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